Translation is the organizing thread that connects communities, and the bridge that connects and brings divergent peoples together. In this regard, translation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable boom in the last few years in the field of translation. But these efforts must have a forum where translators from all over the country meet, present their achievements, discuss the problems of translation, share their experiences and so the generation of young translators and translation students may benefit from the journey of their predecessors. Keeping that in mind, the College of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushayt in coopation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation initiated a translation forum entitled: "Translation: The Communication of Cultures". that will be held on Wednesday & Thursday 2-3/7/1441H (26-27/2/2020).


Location: The Main Campus of Gorayger

  • Hall No. 6 for male
  • Hall No. 5 for female


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